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to the official website of Martin Dragosits. I am an Austrian writer, living in Vienna.

In Excerpts you can read a selection of texts which were published in literature periodicals, online magazines or books.

About me that's the biography and my list of publications.

Books presents the published collections of poems "Gedichte 3.0 (Poems 3.0)", "Der Himmel hat sich verspätet (The Sky Is Late), "Der Teufel hat den Blues verkauft" (The Devil Sold The Blues), Recensions and some Anthologies.


2012 I republished the poems of my first book in electronical form under a Creative Commons Licence.
You can download these eBook for free in several formats (epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, html).

The Poems-Manifest explains the reason for this appearance.

I am looking forward to suggestions, feedback, reviews, chances for readings and exchange of ideas.

If someone is interested in translating some of my texts into other languages please contact me.

All texts of are written by
Martin Dragosits.

The legal regulations are described in Copyright.


Don't forget: recommended Literature Links and the Imprint.

Please notice that only some pages are translated into english so the most links will direct you to german ones.

The domains and give you some information about my professional background.

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