Weiße Kreide

Six chapters between revue, carousel and questions of the present, with sketches of province and mortality.

Excerpts Weiße Kreide (in German)

Martin Dragosits, Weiße Kreide,
Lyrik, Edition Art Science, 2017
Reihe Lyrik der Gegenwart
ISBN 978-3-902864-69-7
136 Pages, 15 EUR

Gedichte 3.0

Curved spaces, exhausted conditions, natural scientific approaches, intercessions, self-monitoring and news items. The base for 130 poems following new traces with transferred key aspects.

The texts have a special fundamental tone, more tight and laconic than in the first two books. They swing between fulcrums, questions, wishes and instructions. You can see them as one big poem completing and adjusting each other. The difficult brought into visual form. The author builds mosaics, he mixes them with new elements and adds his personal part.

Poems, Arovell, , 12 EUR exclusive shipping costs.

Martin Dragosits, Gedichte 3.0
Poems, Arovell, , 2013
ISBN 978-3-902808-35-6, 159 Pages

Excerpts Gedichte 3.0 (in German)

Der Himmel hat sich verspätet

"Der Himmel hat sich verspätet" consists of twelve chapters. Focal points are luck, desire and dreams, anger and war, human features. Questions and answers arising from it. The sky in us, around us, sometimes delayed. And the search for it.

About forty-five of these poems have been published in literature papers or anthologies.

Poems, Arovell, , 12 EUR exclusive shipping costs.

Martin Dragosits, Der Himmel hat sich verspätet
Poems, Arovell, , 2010
ISBN 978-3-902547-01-9, 150 Pages

Excerpts: Der Himmel hat sich verspätet (in German)

Der Teufel hat den Blues verkauft

There is a wide range of poems. From Elvis to Hendrix, Ramses to Kennedy, the Pope, Organ Dealers and Extraterrestrials, nowadays working life and the question what we are doing with our time.

A ramble through reality on 170 pages. How it is or how it could be. A subjective world, not unknown. In an own sound betweeen irony and criticism.

After publications in literature periodicals, online magazines and anthologies the Austrian Author publishes a collection of poems. With the support of Arovell, a little serious Publishing House in Austria.

Martin Dragosits, Der Teufel hat den Blues verkauft
Poems, Arovell, , 12 EUR exclusive shipping costs.

Excerpts: "Der Teufel hat den Blues verkauft" (in German)

Recensions (in German)

In 2012 the texts were republished as ebooks under a Creative Commons Licence.

And an overview of Anthologies comprehending several other poems.

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